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For example, 218 fans have endorsed Linda Pliagas, the publisher, on LinkedIN for the subject of “Real Estate”.

Just look at who is endorsing us on LinkedIN:
  • Dan Ringwald

    Dan Ringwald1st

    President of National Home Buyers, LLC

    Santa Barbara, California Area

  • Phyllis Rockower

    Phyllis Rockower1st

    Owner, Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Lori Greymont

    Lori Greymont1st

    CEO Summit Assets Group | Turnkey Property Expert | RE Investment Trainer & Coach | RE Speaker | Visionary Entrepreneur

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Pedro Vazquez

    Pedro Vazquez1st

    Head Real Estate Leader / Analyst at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Michael Gier

    Michael Gier1st

    Owner of Silver Dove Productions, LLC

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Yvonne Garcia, CISP

    Yvonne Garcia, CISP1st

    Director of Marketing at The Entrust Group | Self-Directed IRAs

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Mike Aemisegger

    Mike Aemisegger1st

    Tough Reality Radio Host CEO , Real Estate Investor and Social Media Evangelist

    Greater Seattle Area

  • Les Isralow

    Les Isralow1st

    Executive Producer at Going Beyond Real Estate

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Matt Malouf

    Matt Malouf1st

    Save the Economy, Buy with Matt

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Van M. Agakanian

    Van M. Agakanian1st

    Real Estate Broker Associate | Investor Relations | Acquisitions & Sales

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Victor Arbuzow

    Victor Arbuzow1st

    Executive Director

    Orange County, California Area

  • Aaron Norris, MBA, APR

    Aaron Norris, MBA, APR1st

    Alternative investments, trust deeds, hard money lending, investor education, business development, marketing & PR

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Scott Govers (Open Networker)

    Scott Govers (Open Networker)1st

    President – MetroCity Appraisers

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Dennis Henson

    Dennis Henson1st

    President at Vanguard Marketing & Investments Inc.

    Dallas/Fort Worth Area

  • Kora Sadler

    Kora Sadler1st

    Wholesale Real Estate Investor

    Charlotte, North Carolina Area

  • krishan "mike" chaudhry

    krishan “mike” chaudhry1st

    marketing sales at k c international

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Curtis Williams

    Curtis Williams1st

    Account Executive at GradesFirst

    Birmingham, Alabama Area

  • Dan Reedy

    Dan Reedy1st

    Owner at MoreKc1

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • James Engel [LION]

    James Engel [LION]1st

    Managing Director at SVN JV Property Management & Brokerage

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Hugo Contreras

    Hugo Contreras1st

    Message fron Hugo Contreras

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Tony Lonergan

    Tony Lonergan1st

    General Manager at RE Mentor

    Greater Boston Area

  • Alex Privalov

    Alex Privalov1st

    Visionary Leader | Real Estate Investor | Problem Solver

    Calgary, Canada Area

  • Bill Drevyanko

    Bill Drevyanko1st

    Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author, Network Marketing Expert and Founder of VIP Real Estate Investor Network,

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Lynn Albro [LION]

    Lynn Albro [LION]1st

    Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents, Internet Marketing Coach

    Modesto, California Area

  • Gabriel Gross

    Gabriel Gross1st

    Co-founder and President – Realbird Inc.

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Donna Ferguson

    Donna Ferguson1st

    Building teams at Capital Financial Realty and Retire with Real Estate

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Ira Blacker

    Ira Blacker1st

    CEO, Printing By Design, Catalog Printing, Book Printing, Magazine Printing, Commercial Printing

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Melissa Stepan

    Melissa Stepan1st

    Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Willie Jenkins

    Willie Jenkins1st

    Owner at CPI

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Anthony DeAugustine

    Anthony DeAugustine1st

    President – Designated Broker at Vim Residential Management, LLC

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Robert Laird

    Robert Laird1st

    Associate Broker at Long Realty Partners

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Bonnie Tone

    Bonnie Tone1st

    Mobile Warrior Queen

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Salvatore Friscia

    Salvatore Friscia1st

    Owner, San Diego Premier Property Management

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Jahari Dickens-Ortiz

    Jahari Dickens-Ortiz1st

    REALTOR® / Property Manager at GHP Management & Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc., ARM Candidate

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Dan Neira

    Dan Neira1st

    Online and Offline Expert in Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Social Media, YouTube Advertising.

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Claude Ammons III

    Claude Ammons III1st

    Founder/Chief Investigator at Agency of Investigation Recon

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • John B. Charnay

    John B. Charnay1st

    .?Highly-Experienced Non-Profit and For-Profit Leader And Innovator Skilled In Fundraising, Marketing, and P.R.?LION?

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Jake Chase

    Jake Chase1st

    Acquisitions at Waypoint Homes

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Charles Byron Andrews

    Charles Byron Andrews1st

    Blue Coast Real Estate and Development

    West Palm Beach, Florida Area

  • Tommy Nichols

    Tommy Nichols1st

    Instructor at Drury University

    Greater St. Louis Area

  • Larry Switzer

    Larry Switzer1st

    “The right coverage at the right time”

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Brian Kramer

    Brian Kramer1st

    Stuff and/or things

    Greater Chicago Area



    Co- Founder / Lead Instructor at ELITE WARRIOR SEMINARS

    Lakeland, Florida Area

  • Thomas Russo Jr

    Thomas Russo Jr1st

    Town Manager at Town of Newton

    Greater New York City Area

  • Luke Constantino

    Luke Constantino1st

    Realtor at Keller Williams

    Greater New York City Area

  • Robin Rothstein

    Robin Rothstein1st

    Licensed Acupuncturist at Well Within – Massage and Integrated Health

    Greater Boston Area

  • Michelle Shaman

    Michelle Shaman1st

    Mortgage Banker /Speaker and Mentor for IRA investing

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Christopher Thompson

    Christopher Thompson1st

    “The Biz Broker”

    Stockton, California Area

  • Fred Bender, MBA Leadership & Innovation

    Fred Bender, MBA Leadership & Innovation1st

    CEO @ RE Champ

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Dion Rogers

    Dion Rogers1st

    We are a Real Estate Service that helps people sell their homes buy buying it.

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Charles Gonzales

    Charles Gonzales1st

    Los Angeles Investor

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Sensei Gilliland {LION}

    Sensei Gilliland {LION}1st

    Open Networker

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Lou Jarvis

    Lou Jarvis1st

    Director of Investor Relations at Buylowaz Properties

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Wilson Fang - MBA

    Wilson Fang – MBA1st

    Operation Manager/Broker at Westlake Realty Development

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Tim King

    Tim King1st

    Principal at Blue Pacific Property & Investments, Inc

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Tim Norris

    Tim Norris1st

    National Real Estate Insurance Group

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Ksenia Jury

    Ksenia Jury1st

    Real Estate Agent at Paragon Real Estate Group, San Francisco

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Maynard Clarkson

    Maynard Clarkson1st

    Owner, Clarkson Enterprise Inc

    Orange County, California Area

  • Gina Anson

    Gina Anson1st

    Realtor & Investor

    Orange County, California Area

  • Kaaren Hall

    Kaaren Hall1st

    President at uDirect IRA Services and OCREIA

    Orange County, California Area

  • Gladys Jeannette

    Gladys Jeannette1st

    Real Estate at Excellence Realty

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Karen Baggett

    Karen Baggett1st

    Managing Partner at Emerge Investments, LLC

    Orange County, California Area

  • Terry Herrmann

    Terry Herrmann1st

    Tech Manufacturing Operations and Planning Expert

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Ron Weil

    Ron Weil1st

    Owner, American Real Estates

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Billie Hiser

    Billie Hiser1st

    Mohave County Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Prestige Properties

    Las Vegas, Nevada Area

  • Daniel Dear

    Daniel Dear1st

    Real Estate Investments

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Sondra Wells, Home Staging & Interior Design

    Sondra Wells, Home Staging & Interior Design1st

    Owner, Home Staging LA

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Robert Kim

    Robert Kim1st

    Private Equity Investments And Commercial Financing at Aesir Group LLC

    Augusta, Georgia Area

  • Michael Potter, Esq.

    Michael Potter, Esq.1st

    Asset Protection, Estate & Legacy Planning

    Las Vegas, Nevada Area

  • David Condon

    David Condon1st

    Senior Vice President at Camden Realty Group

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Steven Goldstein

    Steven Goldstein1st

    Owner,The Los Angeles Painters

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • David Salcido

    David Salcido1st

    Local Business Support Services – Online Marketing Consultant – Social Media Management – Facebook Contest creator

    Provo, Utah Area

  • Clay Schlinke

    Clay Schlinke1st

    Owner at Prosperity Homes & Investments

    San Antonio, Texas Area

  • Tim Owens

    Tim Owens1st

    Finance Manager, Buy Rental Real Estate

    Orange County, California Area

  • Tim Mancuso

    Tim Mancuso1st

    VP of Sales and Business Development at ZIVELO

    Greater Denver Area

  • scott dill

    scott dill1st

    Independent Real Estate Professional

    Saginaw, Michigan Area

  • Paul Hunter Shippey

    Paul Hunter Shippey1st

    Luxury and High-end Real Estate Investor

    Orlando, Florida Area

  • Steve Dalby

    Steve Dalby1st

    CPA & Real Estate Broker/Investor

    Orange County, California Area

  • Ron Araiza

    Ron Araiza1st

    Business Owner/ Investor/ Fitness-MMA

    Austin, Texas Area




    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Omar Parks, DBA, MAEd.

    Omar Parks, DBA, MAEd.1st

    Assistant Professor of Business at Ashford University

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin Area

  • Lily Dumitrescu

    Lily Dumitrescu1st

    Mechanical Design Professional

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Scott Ross

    Scott Ross1st

    Founder at Coast to Coast Capital Resources

    Houston, Texas Area

  • Terry Merritt

    Terry Merritt1st

    President/Owner/Investor at REIH, LLC

    Santa Barbara, California Area

  • Ana Floyd

    Ana Floyd1st

    Communications Coach,Institute for Global Listening and Communication

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Holden & Jones

    Holden & Jones1st

    ICI REPS at Investa Core Inc.

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Jill J.

    Jill J.1st

    Emotion/Body Code Practitioner

    United States

  • Amber Jefferson

    Amber Jefferson1st


    Dallas/Fort Worth Area

  • Black Caviar Book Club

    Black Caviar Book Club1st

    –Bridge Between The Reader And The Author

    Spokane, Washington Area

  • Jeremy Crutchfield

    Jeremy Crutchfield1st

    Owner at – Providing Investors Turn-Key Double Digit Passive Return Investment Properties in Atlanta

    Greater Atlanta Area

  • Robert Boone

    Robert Boone1st

    Writer- Entrepreneur- Real Estate Investor

    Washington D.C. Metro Area

  • Operation Veteran's Promise

    Operation Veteran’s Promise1st

    Michael Angielski (LION 7,000+) ??LION??ONA??IAAI??BS??IDK??Spam? ?

    Greater New Orleans Area

  • Tyrone Jackson

    Tyrone Jackson1st

    Stock Market Trader & Wealth Building Coach

    Greater New York City Area

  • Jeffrey Lund

    Jeffrey Lund1st


    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Bryan Martin

    Bryan Martin1st

    Owner at Digital Motions, Inc.

    Charlotte, North Carolina Area

  • Vida Vaughn

    Vida Vaughn1st

    Relocation & New Construction at Atlanta’s Upscale Properties / Investor / Entrepreneur / Promoter

    Greater Atlanta Area

  • Generations Real Estate Holdings

    Generations Real Estate Holdings1st

    Real Estate Wholesaler

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Lori Critchfield

    Lori Critchfield1st

    Web Content Specialist Jr. at Extron Electronics

    Orange County, California Area

  • Richard Lira

    Richard Lira1st

    Support staff Clerk at County of Johnson, KS

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Marcus Cowan

    Marcus Cowan1st

    Marketing Manager and Real Estate Investor

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Vern Bird (+3000 Connections)

    Vern Bird (+3000 Connections)1st

    International Real Estate Investor & Consultant

    Winnipeg, Canada Area

  • Matt Martin

    Matt Martin1st

    Realtor at Keller Williams Real Estate

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Alvin May

    Alvin May1st

    Managing Partner at Investor Connects LLC

    Greater Chicago Area

  • James Stevens

    James Stevens1st

    A Millionaire In Training

    Killeen/Temple, Texas Area

  • Kevin Banks

    Kevin Banks1st


    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Robert Torres

    Robert Torres1st

    Acquisition Specialist at Capital Redevelopment Group LLC

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Adam Doran

    Adam Doran1st

    Senior Managing Partner at Make it Move! Properties LLC

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Jeff McHolland

    Jeff McHolland1st

    CEO/Owner at McHolland Tree Service

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Area

  • Laurence A. Dov Carp

    Laurence A. Dov Carp1st


    Greater San Diego Area

  • michael roseberry

    michael roseberry1st


    Cincinnati Area

  • Steve Hovencamp

    Steve Hovencamp1st

    Real Estate Investor,Discount Properties,Wholesale Properties,Creative Real Estate Investing,Rehabbing Properties

    Punta Gorda, Florida Area

  • David Richman

    David Richman1st

    Business Consultant, Sales and Management Trainer at Butterfield Enterprises since 1973

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Jerry Lee Butzer

    Jerry Lee Butzer1st

    Managing Partner at Newport Bay Private Equity

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Luther P. Smith Jr.

    Luther P. Smith Jr.1st

    owner at Buffalo/Niagara Realty

    Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area

  • Justin Ford

    Justin Ford1st

    Motivational Speaker/Leadership Trainer at Justin Ford Speaks, LLC

    Greater Detroit Area

  • Tony Falasca

    Tony Falasca1st

    Memphis Catering

    Greater Memphis Area

  • Steve Floyd

    Steve Floyd1st

    Lehigh Valley real estate investor at Lehigh Valley real estate investor

    Allentown, Pennsylvania Area

  • Robert Austin

    Robert Austin1st

    Vice President at Crawford Investment Company

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Teresa Gallagher

    Teresa Gallagher1st

    Professional Real Estate Investors and Managers Alliance

    Kansas City, Missouri Area

  • Mark Marley

    Mark Marley1st

    Broker Associate at Keller Williams Realty, San Diego

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Kevin Hicks

    Kevin Hicks1st

    Managing Member at Golden Rule Investors, LLC

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Alexandru AMOQ

    Alexandru AMOQ1st

    Independent Writing and Editing Professional

    Mehedinti County, Romania

  • M&T ManagementSolutionsLLC

    M&T ManagementSolutionsLLC1st

    Owner at M&T management Solutions LLC

    Charlotte, North Carolina Area

  • Gerald Harris

    Gerald Harris1st

    ? “Keep Your Houses” ? Foreclosure Lien Consultant ? Real Estate Specialist ? Expert Mortgage Assistance

    Charlotte, North Carolina Area

  • Antonio Narvaez

    Antonio Narvaez1st

    Independent Commercial Real Estate Professional

    Savannah, Georgia Area

  • M Bennett

    M Bennett1st

    Real Estate Investments Professional, IRCC, Transactional Funding Specialist

    Greater Philadelphia Area

  • Monshjay Davis

    Monshjay Davis1st

    President of Monjie Enterprises LLC

    Portland, Oregon Area

  • Kevork Kouyoudjian

    Kevork Kouyoudjian1st

    KHOBARAA for Real Estate Investment & Development Co. S.A.E


  • Gary Kissel: South Florida Realtor-LI Coach

    Gary Kissel: South Florida Realtor-LI Coach1st

    Serious about financial change? I can help! Combine your passion for real estate/Inet marketing=>Earn Affiliate $$

    West Palm Beach, Florida Area

  • Tony Davis

    Tony Davis1st

    Founder /Owner / CEO,and President at Car-Mil Investment Group, LLC

    Houston, Texas Area

  • Shrikant Kadam

    Shrikant Kadam1st

    Owner yash corporate property

    Pune Area, India

  • Matthew Towler

    Matthew Towler1st

    Owner, Super Cheap Properties

    Baltimore, Maryland Area

  • Dan Acton

    Dan Acton1st

    Real Estate Investing/Consulting & Local Government Relations

    Cincinnati Area

  • Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez1st

    Regional Director at, /Private Lender at SoLucian Capital Lending, LLC.

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Augusto Meneses

    Augusto Meneses1st

    Design Director at LIKEiT Magazine


  • James L. Kendrick

    James L. Kendrick1st

    Kendrick General Contractor

    Rochester, New York Area

  • joe yusuf

    joe yusuf1st

    property Consultant at fidlers real estate & Investment


  • Simone Kvalheim

    Simone Kvalheim1st


    Orange County, California Area

  • Allen Chaney

    Allen Chaney1st

    Real Estate Investing Coach / Managing Partner at Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind / Hard Money Partner

    Baltimore, Maryland Area

  • Barry Zarzyczny

    Barry Zarzyczny1st

    President at Inner Circle Real Estate

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Hawley Sepedy

    Hawley Sepedy1st

    Network Marketing, Senior Director for Momentis, Wholesaler, Real Estate Investor,

    Dallas/Fort Worth Area

  • Scott & Sheri Painter

    Scott & Sheri Painter1st

    Owner of Premier Freedom

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Heidi Linder

    Heidi Linder1st

    Managing Member at Fund My Gap

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Mo Woods

    Mo Woods1st

    Portfolio Wealth Advisor at Memphis Invest

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Dean Robertson

    Dean Robertson1st

    Owner, The Lords Helping Hand

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Kenny Kurniadidarma

    Kenny Kurniadidarma1st

    Director di PT. International Asset Management (PMA)

    Banda Aceh Area, Aceh, Indonesia

  • William Hohman

    William Hohman1st

    President at NTC Ministries

    Wausau, Wisconsin Area

  • Tj Jelen

    Tj Jelen1st

    Virtual Photographer for advertising, business, based in Chicago available to shoot anywhere.

    Greater Chicago Area

  • James Evanow

    James Evanow1st

    Mortgage Banker and Professional Speaker/Trainer at Pace Your Self Empowerment Systems

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Stephen Barnard

    Stephen Barnard1st

    Owner at K-Bar Properties

    Las Vegas, Nevada Area

  • Tim Kolb

    Tim Kolb1st

    Professional Phoenix Home Inspector

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Janice Longobardi

    Janice Longobardi1st

    Sr.Managing Partner at Royalty Enterprises Inc.

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Mohammed Z. Shamsi

    Mohammed Z. Shamsi1st

    Loan Signing Agent at 363 Days Mobile Notary Service

    Orange County, California Area

  • Stella Cuevas

    Stella Cuevas1st

    Loan modifications at EMG Consultants

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Loretta A. Steele

    Loretta A. Steele1st

    Commercial Real Estate Broker & Software Developer

    Greater Los Angeles Area




    Greater San Diego Area

  • Mohamed Eissa

    Mohamed Eissa1st

    Maintenance Manager at Egyptian Wiring Systems


  • Terry L Mitchell

    Terry L Mitchell1st


    Tucson, Arizona Area



    Foreclosure Prevention Team Short Sale Experts Joint Venture Real Estate Lender Real Estate Broker

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson1st

    Branch Manager/Private Money Lender/ Real Estate Investor at Pacific Mortgage Center

    Spokane, Washington Area

  • Lee Waldo

    Lee Waldo1st

    Buyer at Real Estate Solutions R us

    Portland, Oregon Area

  • kim wilson

    kim wilson1st

    Commercial and Luxury Real Estate Consultant at ..

    Toronto, Canada Area

  • Danny Williams

    Danny Williams1st

    President at West Coast Realty

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Rhonda Daly - San Francisco Realtor

    Rhonda Daly – San Francisco Realtor1st

    Realtor ~ 2011 & 2012 Top 10 Producer ~ Real Estate ~ Corporate Relocation Specialist

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Cal Roberts

    Cal Roberts1st

    Senior Partner

    Fresno, California Area

  • Theodore Coit, jr

    Theodore Coit, jr1st

    Owner, smartdwell

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Michele Clark

    Michele Clark1st

    Engaging Real Estate Advisor serving the Phoenix Metro Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Jeff Bartholomew

    Jeff Bartholomew1st

    Identifying and Developing Business Leaders

    Allentown, Pennsylvania Area

  • Bryan Patterson

    Bryan Patterson1st

    Real Estate Investor

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Brandon W. Rooks

    Brandon W. Rooks1st

    National Investment Director at Investment Property Coach, LLC.

    Provo, Utah Area

  • Theo Harris

    Theo Harris1st

    President of Theo Harris Real Estate Team

    Baltimore, Maryland Area




    Karnal Area, India

  • Ed Byrd

    Ed Byrd1st

    Licensing Engineer Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel

    Columbia, South Carolina Area

  • Marlene Mendoza

    Marlene Mendoza1st

    CEO, Executive Producer, MSM, BSM, CSA, CRMC at Gilt Entertainment

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Robert Dean Fairless

    Robert Dean Fairless1st

    Keller Williams Realty – Palm Beach County Director: Commercial Division

    West Palm Beach, Florida Area

  • Michael Jimenez

    Michael Jimenez1st

    Manager at Wealth Investment Network Group / National Marketing Leader for Renatus

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Willie Morales

    Willie Morales1st

    Materials Management

    Greater New York City Area

  • Frank Lopo

    Frank Lopo1st

    Your Ally in helping you get out of debt

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Jon Perry

    Jon Perry1st

    CEO at PA Wealth Builders

    Greater Pittsburgh Area

  • Carolyn  J Wheeler

    Carolyn J Wheeler1st

    Real Estate Investor & marketer

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Paul Janerico

    Paul Janerico1st

    Area Manager at Genesis Capital Management, LLC – Off Market Association (OMA)

    Greater New York City Area

  • Caleb Romo

    Caleb Romo1st

    Mortgage Loan Officer at PrimeLending (NMLS: 485808)

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Mark A

    Mark A1st

    Real Estate Investor, Internet Marketer, ISA at Real Estate Worldwide, Inc.

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Art Flores

    Art Flores1st

    CDPE, SFR Realtor

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Michael Harris-Arzon

    Michael Harris-Arzon1st

    President/ Publisher Ardynn PR

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Area

  • Alan Fairweather

    Alan Fairweather1st

    The Motivation Doctor. Speaking and Writing About How to Motivate Customers, Motivate Staff, Motivate Yourself.


  • Jeremy Hakimi

    Jeremy Hakimi1st

    Multi State Real Estate Broker

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Dave Wedemire

    Dave Wedemire1st

    Chair, Governance & Compliance | Private Equity Syndication Fund at Bullseye Capital | Distressed Investing

    Bellingham, Washington Area

  • Lamarr Baxter

    Lamarr Baxter1st

    Director Of Business Development at Accuplan Benefit Services

    Sacramento, California Area

  • Ray Newby

    Ray Newby1st


    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Mario Estrada

    Mario Estrada1st

    Investor, Estrada and Associates

    San Luis Obispo, California Area

  • Paul-Anthony Coronado

    Paul-Anthony Coronado1st

    Regional Manager / Southern California/”Summit Realty Group – Virtual Brokerge”.

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Wm. Yotty

    Wm. Yotty1st

    Financial Consultant

    United States

  • Dmitriy Fomichenko

    Dmitriy Fomichenko1st

    Retirement Accounts with Checkbook Control

    Orange County, California Area

  • Marcia Stamberger

    Marcia Stamberger1st

    Broker/Owner at Properties Plus

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Eric Dahl

    Eric Dahl1st

    Vice President at Turnkey Real Estate Partners

    Provo, Utah Area

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez1st

    Disrupt Accelerator, Future Angel Investor, Founder at Matrix2012 V

    McAllen, Texas Area

  • Ron Brawner

    Ron Brawner1st

    Junior ROTC Instructor at Phoenix Union High School District

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Joseph-RAMIRO MACIAS-Perez

    Joseph-RAMIRO MACIAS-Perez1st


    Greater San Diego Area

  • Jim Simcoe

    Jim Simcoe1st

    CEO, Founder at Simcoe Green Homes

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Lea Rosenfeld

    Lea Rosenfeld1st

    Independent Real Estate Professional

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Mary Thomsen

    Mary Thomsen1st

    Real Estate Entrepreneur Focusing on Real Estate Notes and Apartments

    Orange County, California Area

  • Wilhelm von Mayer

    Wilhelm von Mayer1st

    Digital Forensics, Private Investigations

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area

  • Brian Horton

    Brian Horton1st

    Founder – HFI Investments, Inc. I Small Business Consultant I Author of Everything is Financed, …

    Greater San Diego Area

  • Jerry Cockrell

    Jerry Cockrell1st

    Broker Associate @ Keller Williams Realty Marina/LA

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Richard Kilfoil

    Richard Kilfoil1st

    Regional Vice President of Sovereign Bank

    Greater New York City Area

  • Tom Noble

    Tom Noble1st

    Professional Sales & Marketing Manager – Experience in structuring Corporate Fleet Finance & Leasing programs.

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Brad Grannis

    Brad Grannis1st

    Distressed Asset Aggregator: MF/Hotel/Office/Retail/Industrial/Bulk SFR

    Phoenix, Arizona Area

  • Ronald Schwarzrock

    Ronald Schwarzrock1st

    Owner at Amerimerge

    Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Todd Roberts

    Todd Roberts1st

    Owner at PARC Property Group. Passive, turn-key investment properties in Indianapolis, serving clients around the world

    Indianapolis, Indiana Area

  • Scott Mednick

    Scott Mednick1st

    MarbleHead Real Estate

    Orange County, California Area

  • Lawrence Irby

    Lawrence Irby1st

    Owner, HR Real Estate Investments, Inc

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Ms. Jasmine Willois

    Ms. Jasmine Willois1st


    Greater San Diego Area

  • Greg Gantman

    Greg Gantman1st

    Specialty Business Finance & Commercial RE Lending

    Orange County, California Area

  • Keith Maddock, MBA

    Keith Maddock, MBA1st

    Realtor®, Associate Agent at Redfin Corporation

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Ron Gryga

    Ron Gryga1st

    Real Estate Investor/Internet Marketer

    Greater Chicago Area

  • Rich Fettke

    Rich Fettke1st

    Co-Founder / Business Development at Real Wealth Network, Inc.

    Greater Los Angeles Area