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Success in Self Storage…
Are you looking to purchase a self-storage facility but don’t want to run it? Or perhaps you really don’t know how to run a successful facility?

Maybe you are just looking for a good management team or to make improvements with the team you already have in place already?

Do you need that edge to save money, make money and have the best self-storage facility in town?!

Kevin Rollings, CSSM is no stranger to challenge, and he has turned mediocre results into capitalizing solutions. Kevin has had 25 years of rental experience and 5 years as the Regional Director for Scott Meyers. Kevin has purchased three of the Alcatraz Storage facilities once owned by Scott. Once a manager to a current self-storage facility owner!

And Still growing!!!

Kevin is a Teacher, an Owner and a 0perations Manager for Self Storage Facilities – he’s in the trenches!  He believes in the “Pay it Forward” philosophy!

Kevin is now dedicating his time to helping other Self Storage Owners and Management Teams get the best potential profits by training and teaching his expert management tools and tricks of the niche!

Check out Kevin’s information and get a 30 minute consultation FREE… no pressure, no upsells… just a friendly chat!  If you don’t like what you hear, we wont bug you again AND we don’t clog up your inbox with emails daily or even weekly…

Check it out today:  www.selfstoragetrainingacademy.com  and enjoy a few videos from Kevin!

Looking forward to talking to you soon, get your questions ready…. 2013 is on its way, what are your goals?