AUSTIN, Texas – As the stars of the silver screen converged for Hollywood’s biggest night on Feb. 24, another meeting of the minds, albeit a less glamorous one, drew to a close about 5 hours up the 101.

After two days of presentations to more than 200 real estate investors,vendors and attendees alike praised Realty 411 magazine for facilitating a forum for real estate innovation during its San Jose SUCCESS Expo in Silicon Valley.

“In the last year we have spent around $100K on other so called ‘Big Name Events’, and quite honestly, Realty411 is dramatically more effective than most, for a fraction of the price,” said Stephan Piscano, founder of ListedBy an online real estate marketplace and social network.

The American Association of Private Lenders was another of the weekend’s big winners. AAPL Executive Director Larry Muck hosted two of the events featured seminars, including collaboration with James Rincon who represented Texas-based AAPL Board member Pride of Austin Capital Partners. Muck and Rincon’s seminar detailed many of the aspects and advantages of investing passively in real estate through high-yield private funds.

California real estate investors and business owners Kay Nealis and Renee Bruce attended each of the weekend’s eight seminars, and applauded the presentation given by AAPL’s Rincon and Muck.

“Renee and I both really enjoyed (James’) presentation,” Nealis said. “He did a great job. We attended all of the presentations and of all the presenters, James received the most interest from the participants.”

Muck and Rincon said the event immediately generated to new business for their companies and they look forward to capitalizing on the positive exposure.

“We had a very successful event in San Jose. I was especially pleased and thankful that David Owen and James Rincon from Pride of Austin Capital, as well as Mark Hanf (another AAPL Member) chose to join us at this event. The relationships that are built at these kinds of events have already led to new business. The AAPL came out of its event in Las Vegas with a great deal of momentum and it was nice to see the same kind of enthusiasm at the event in San Jose.”

Hanf and his California-based company Pacific Private Money rounded out AAPL’s strong presence at the event with Mike Wrenn who represented Kansas City-based Affinity Group Management Co. and co-chaired the weekend’s first seminar alongside Muck.

“The San Jose Expo was a great success,” Hanf said. “I made a lot of valuable connections.”

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