Hear from four lenders that can loan you all the money you need on virtually any property in the United States.
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Lenders Panel

Learn To Use Other People’s Money.

Have you ever heard the phrase, debt is cheaper than equity?  Many of us like to pay cash for our houses.  We want to own them free and clear, to protect our nest egg.  Some of us understand the power of leverage.  I believe it is extremely important to learn how to responsibly use debt, to obtain the portfolio you desire.  At times, your returns can be more than double by properly financing your properties.

Register Now to join Tim Herriage, the Founder of the REI Expo who is now Managing Director for B2R Finance, and three other lenders on Sunday, May 18th at the REI Expo for a lenders panel.  The panel is from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

The discussion will be about how to build a portfolio with as little as 15% down, how to cash out your existing properties to double your portfolio, and the right acquisition money needed to get there.

Hear from these lenders:

Register now, and start growing your investment portfolio now! Don’t miss the REI Expo this weekend, tell them Realty411 sent you!

To your Success.