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Author: lruano

Magnets attract steel, so too can thoughts lure riches.

Antonia Martinez needed money quickly. She had only a few days to come up with back rent or risk eviction. Martinez decided to put her holistic studies to the test. “I had been training back then with a spiritual teacher. We had been working on a technique for focusing and harnessing power to help bring the object of thought into manifestation. Instead of concentrating on the $1600 she needed, Martinez focused her energy on keeping her New York City apartment. She says she did not worry about how or when she would get the cash. Four days later, odd...

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5 QUICK Tips to Increase (or Start) Your Real Estate Wealth

5 QUICK Tips to Increase (or Start) Your Real Estate Wealth by Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty411/reWealthmag.com I have been fortunate enough to attend many wealth and real estate seminars in the past ten years. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Tony Robins, Dave Lindahl, Shakti Gawain, Lisa Vanders, Vanessa Williams, Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato, John Schaub and many other successful people speak live. Here are some prosperity techniques that I have not only acquired from not only attending seminars, but also in my personal experience. Practicing these holistic tips will increase your bottom line...

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Meet the Press…Who Started this Magazine & Why?

Meet the Press…Who Started this Magazine & Why? Hello, I’m Linda Pliagas, the founder of Realty411 and Real Estate Wealth. I became intrigued with real estate at age 15, after my parents lost their home to foreclosure in Northern California (Los Banos). That traumatic experience actually skyrocketed my “Wealth Consciousness” and I became determined to become successful. Through a lot of hard work in my dual professions in media and real estate and by using CREATIVE TECHNIQUES, I became a landlord by the age of 25. In fact, my husband and I have now owned properties in five states and are active landlords in California and...

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Diversify Your Portfolio by Selling Covered Options!

Diversify Your Portfolio by Selling Covered Options! When Hollywood actors and Silicon Valley executives want to increase their wealth, they turn to Tyrone Jackson by Tyrone Jackson Did you know creating monthly residual income in the stock market is just a click away? Now is a great time to be a stock market investor and trader.  In the last fifty-two weeks, shares of companies like Netflix (ticker NFLX) have risen from $95 per share to over $300 per share. Similarly, shares of athletic yoga apparel maker LULU Lemon (ticker LULU) have gone from a fifty-two week low of $15...

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Get the 411 on Our Santa Monica Investor’s Expo Here!

Dear Realty411 Investor; You are cordially invited to attend our Santa Monica Real Estate Conference this Saturday, September, 23rd. at The Doubletree Suites By Hilton Hotel Santa Monica , from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM We are having an explosive event, chock full of valuable information, coming to your area!! There is discount valet parking available for only $10 all day so come and stay a fun evening in Santa Monica, one of the trendiest areas of Los Angeles County. There will be FANTASTIC speakers with YEARS of experience, such as Dr. Albert Lowery, HomeVestors Of America, Black Belt...

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