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Make Money on the BUY – Not When You Sell. Learn to CASH IN with an Acquisition Fee at the Time of Purchase.

The Step-By-Step Strategy on How I Recently Acquired a BIG, FAT FEE on the Purchase of a $160,000 Rental Unit. by Linda Pliagas, publisher of Realty411 and REI Wealth When I began to invest in real estate, I knew I had to buy a property at a low price and with plenty of equity, so money could be made when I decided to sell the asset, which oftentimes was years later. I started investing in 1993 at the age of 25 and at the time my understanding of real estate was limited to acquiring a traditional mortgage loan, after...

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Be Sure to Keep Up with Our Daily Posts – Tips, Techniques, Strategies and More. Our publisher, Linda Pliagas, has the largest Facebook following of any other real estate investor magazine publisher and real estate expo founder (host), currently she is maxed out with 15,000 personal followers on three accounts, plus an additional 2,000 people follow her public posts. The 411 team also monitors, promotes and administrates several real estate, finance and business groups with nearly 30,000 investors and entrepreneurs nationwide. Realty411 does not pay for “likes” or “followers”, and we pride ourselves in growing our following ethically and...

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Paradise Valley Assisted Living Development in Fairfield, CA

* CURRENTLY OFFERING – ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY * Paradise Valley Assisted Living Development in Fairfield, CA With high demand for senior housing in its market, Paradise Valley Assisted Living, located in Fairfield CA, is a strategic addition to your investment portfolio. We have already purchased 3.2 acres of land and are starting the entitlement process. IMPORTANT DETAILS: 3.2 acres of land to be entitled, built, operated, and sold 110 beds of assisted living 30 beds of memory care Located in Fairfield, CA Sponsor team with proven track record in Elder Care Facility design and construction in California   27%...

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EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT: Cannabis is The Latest Real Estate Play by Stacee Nelson

Exclusive Report by Stacee Nelson Commercial real estate markets are seeing unprecedented growth-stemming from the legalization of medical and recreational (adult use) use of cannabis. In nearly all states which have legalized cannabis, the limited number of commercial land and buildings available in designated “cannabis zones” have become a hot commodity, with pricing for purchase or lease skyrocketing vs similar asset classes in non-cannabis zones. Some areas of California have seen real estate pricing for land increase as much as 1000% in the last two years. In an industry projected to exceed $20 billion by 2021, expect to see...

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