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National Investors Unite in the Windy City for Realty411’s Conference/Expo

Realty411, the original realty investor magazine, is hosting a complimentary one-day conference in Chicago spotlighting strategies and trends for 2018 Asset protection, finance and leverage, plus investing on autopilot, are just some of the exciting highlights of Realty411‘s upcoming Creative Chicago Investor’s Expo being held May 19th, at the Hilton Suites, 10 Drury Ln, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181. Sophisticated, as well as new investors – all united by the desire to grow in knowledge – are joining in from the local area as well as from afar, including: California, Michigan, Florida, Missouri, Rhode Island, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona, and...

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Real Estate Investing: Partnerships Vs. Going It Alone

Article by Fuquan Bilal What are the pros and cons of partnering up to invest in real estate and mortgage notes versus going it alone? Many struggle with the decision of whether to go it alone or not in their initial real estate and mortgage note investments. For others taking the passive route from the get go is a no brainer; though may ultimately choose some form of partnership as they desire to scale. What are the real benefits and challenges with these approaches to investing? For those with the time to do it, going it alone can have...

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How to Become a Millionaire (Starting with Only $100K)!

By Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO, Real Wealth Network One of the greatest benefits of real estate investing is the ability to leverage through creative financing. The use of OPM (Other People’s Money) can increase our returns infinitely. Let’s compare the ROI (Return on Investment) on three different investment vehicles: gold, stocks and real estate. Here are some sample case studies of three people with $100,000 to invest: Sandra buys $100,000 worth of gold — using no leverage. Joe purchases $100,000 in stocks, but he buys them on margin so his stock value is $200,000. Pat uses $100,000 as a 20%...

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Closing Two Deals & Delivering Motivation – News from Realty411’s Publisher

By Linda Pliagas, Publisher/Owner As I close on our second deal for the year, marking a nice surge in transactions for my family, I reflect on why I decided to enter the real estate education industry, and some of the roadblocks encountered through my 11-year journey. I live in an upscale area, known by tourists around the world as “The American Riviera”. Santa Barbara County has the best of California: A beautiful beach, a vivid art and active theater scene, award-winning wineries, and an authentic old-Spanish flavor all encircled by renowned equestrian, hiking and cycling trails. It is also...

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It’s Me, Ben. Quick Chat?

Please Review this Information from Our Sponsor It’s me, Benjamin, and you should be seeing a lot of me this year. My friends and I are looking for a home in the pockets of real estate investors like you. I’m part of the $100,000,000,000+ flowing into the real estate industry via CiX.com to fund investment property in 2018. FIX AND FLIPS RENTALS AND EVEN PORTFOLIOS The real estate market is at all time highs around the entire country. (Can’t find discounted properties? GO HERE!) Take advantage of all the local and national private lenders who want to help you...

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