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Investors: Credit Lines NOW Available

Please review this important message from our sponsor. Do you need money for earnest money deposits or to get a rehab started? Get a line of credit of up to $150,000! Imagine the buying power you’ll have with one of these credit lines. Now is the time to get your line of credit! The importance of readily available lines of credit when you are investing in real estate is paramount. The experts over at Stonebridge Capital Group are extremely creative in getting individuals and small business owners approved for lines of credit. These credit lines are unsecured and give...

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Funding for DOWN PAYMENT On Flips – READ THIS NOW!

– Please Review this Email from Our Sponsor – First, you locate a discounted property that you can profit on. Next, you go to the banks for funding but they won’t pay. You then find a private lender who will partner with you on the deal. BUT, you don’t have the cash on hand to go forward with the deal… At Connected Investors, we recognize sometimes the only thing stopping our members from doing a deal is just a few thousand dollars on a deal that can make you ten’s of thousands. We found your solution… Tap here to...

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Chicago Cashflow Conference – Network with Real Estate Investors, Private Lenders & Deal Makers

http://realty411expo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Chicago_Cashflow_Conference__Investors_Expo_480p.mp4 Amazing connections, up-to-the minute news, and influential deal makers await at a Realty411’s Chicago Investor Expo & Conference on SATURDAY, MAY 19TH. Some key topics that we will focus on include: Finance and Leverage, Multifamily Growth, Single-Family Rentals, Investing in Real Estate on Autopilot, Entrepreneurship, Multiple Streams of Income, Self-Directing Your Future, Land Banking, Business Lines of Credit, Creative Cashflow, & So Much More. Realty411, the longest-running real estate investment magazine and expo company, is continuing its eleventh and best year yet. Come join us for a COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST MIXER and get motivated hearing about our most recent...

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Don’t Miss this Bay-Area Event

Dr. Doug Duncan, the Chief Economist and Senior VP of Fannie Mae, will be giving his real estate economic forecast at Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily www.BACOMM.club Fannie Mae is our nation’s largest government-sponsored enterprise and the world’s largest guarantor of real estate loans. Named one of Bloomberg / BusinessWeek’s 50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate, Duncan is Fannie Mae’s source for information and analyses on forecasting for housing activity, demographics, overall economic activity, and mortgage market activity. Dr. Duncan called the last crash accurately, and it is BACOMM’s privilege to share with you his expert insight on...

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WEBINAR: Is a 6-figure recurring income possible with Vacation Rentals?

Please review this important webinar invitation from our sponsor. Dear Realty411 Reader; Watch this video and you’ll learn how Dave Bynum generated $322,000 in revenue in the past 6 months. Click Here to Watch David, discovered a system that enabled him to acquire 6 properties, 2 “super properties” and $322,000 in revenue in only 6 months, on properties he does NOT OWN. I’ve seen it in action with my very own eyes… So if you have an extra $10K to $30K in your bank account, you can start riding this Next Big Thing before more people do! Airbnb recently...

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