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Welcome to the American Riviera – JOIN US IN SANTA BARBARA!

RSVP NOW Don’t Miss this Networking Expo hosted by REALTY411 & SB REIA! Realty411 is a California-based real estate investment magazine owned since 2007. Our mission is to expand knowledge of real estate investing so that more individuals can benefit from the life-changing benefits that owning rental real estate can provide. We are based right in the Central Coast of California so come join us as we network in our “home turf” and honor the important work of the Santa Barbara Real Estate Investor’s Association. NETWORK WITH ACCREDITED INVESTORS FROM THE CENTRAL COAST – THIS IS THE PLACE TO...

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Amazing Story of How Our Banking System Changed Real Estate Forever

Amazing story of how our banking system changed Real Estate forever  SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW You’ve got a weird feeling in your gut. Every day, you read about the distorted, out-of-control financial world that affects our livelihood. You are starting to think that the rules of money don’t apply anymore, and common sense isn’t very common. You’re noticing that trading computers and central banks dictate the rules of the stock market. And that real estate that seems overvalued keeps going up. And up. And up. You are bombarded with weighty terms like QE, Brexit, Negative Interest Rates (NIRP), HFT...

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Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services to Host the Lone Star Real Estate Investor’s Expo in Houston

RESERVE TICKETS NOW Our featured speakers include HGTV’s newest design & real estate duo, twin sisters Alana and Lex LeBlanc (a.k.a. Listed Sisters), who help families move up the property ladder! ALANA BARNETT & LEX LeBLANC Identical twins Alana and Lex are the ultimate combination when it comes to real estate and home design. With realtor Alana’s endless knowledge of the housing market and designer Lex’s fearless creative style, these sisters are helping their clients renovate their homes into hot properties so they can sell them for a premium and move into their dream location. Alana and Lex are...

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