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Realty411 to Finish Year Hosting 27 Events in Eight States Promoting Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship. Personal Wealth Strategies Shared.

by Lori Peebles, Staff Writer | Updated Oct. 23, 2017 | 10 am PST Los Angeles, California – Realty411, the nation’s only real estate investing magazine based in California and freely distributed online and on newsstands, grocery stores, libraries, coffee stores will finish 2017 reaching a new record of hosting educational events in eight states. This year marked Realty411‘s 10-year anniversary. The company began with an $800 investment in the fall of 2007 in Los Angeles. It secured advertisers immediately, the first backers made up from the publisher’s large sphere of influence as a national investor and referring investor...

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Supermodel Christie Brinkley, the Dog Ate My Tax Return

When you were a kid in school, you probably forgot your homework once or twice. And you probably came up with some sort of excuse to weasel out of trouble, right? ‘Fess up now — did the dog ever really eat your homework? Now that you’re all grown up, you’ve got a different set of assignments you have to turn in. Few of them are more important than your annual tax return. Of course, even grownups sometimes forget their homework. But the IRS won’t be buying that school kid whine! Take supermodel Christie Brinkley, for example. Earlier this month,...

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