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Look Who's Joining Us. You're Invited.

Join Us for Our Real Estate Expo in Silicon Valley. View this email in your browser Join Us in San Jose Come Mingle with Top Investors Realty411 invites you to attend our SUCCESS event on Saturday, March 29th In SAN JOSE – SILICON VALLEY – For information visit: >>> http://bit.ly/1hhoHkp This 1-Day CONFERENCE will feature the Most Successful Speakers in this WEALTH-BUILDING Industry ! For information call: 805.693.1497 Don’t Miss Mark HanfPacific Private Money A Market Update fromKathy Fettke Charles Tralka anEngineer Turned Real Estate Investor Join us as we host this fantastic networking event, mingle With:   * Chris Gleason, MMG Capital * Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Services * HomeVestors of America * Summit Assets Group * Mark Hanf, Pacific Private Money * Geraldine Berry, SJREI & REI Voice * Kathy Fettke, Real Wealth Network * Chuck Tralka, GCA Equity Partners * Mark Thomas, Reesio MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED… To Reserve Your Free Spot, Click Here >>> http://bit.ly/1hhoHkp        . Meet Some of the Most Influential Real Estate Leaders such as: Geraldine Barry (President SJREI & REI Voice), Kaaren Hall (President uDirect IRA Services) and Your Host Linda Pliagas (Realty411) To Reserve Your Free Spot, Click Here >>> http://bit.ly/1hhoHkp Copyright © 2014 Realty411guide.com, All rights reserved.unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences  ...

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Impact Circle for Successful Business Women

Thank you for reading this special message from our sponsor: Ladies, are you interested in Growing Your Business? If you are a woman and you are serious about increasing your business 100%, 200% or even more this year, WITHOUT working around the clock, then you absolutely must check this out. My friend and highly respected colleague Lori Greymont runs a small, selective, and very influential mastermind group called “The Impact Circle”. This group is the crème de la crème for distinguished professional women. What is it like to be part of this group? Picture yourself surrounded by a community of successful women who inspire you and elevate you to achieve phenomenal results. Imagine having an amazing network of wildly successful and passionate women dedicated to helping YOU with the challenges and issues you are facing, and giving you detailed insights into what strategies are working and which ones to avoid. For a very limited time, Lori is extending an irresistible offer to attend The Impact Circle for free. And because I am inviting you, Lori has a special give just for you- make sure to use Security Code: IC209 Look, you can bust your butt working around the clock to grow your business and miss out on the rest of your life, or you can check out this group of women rock stars and exponentially grow your business AND...

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On A Mission….

On one side are thousands of frustrated real estate professionals. On the other side is a life of prosperity and fulfillment. In the middle is a woman on a mission. Linda Pliagas has dedicated her life to helping others live their dreams. She started in real estate with no experience and no education. Today, she is Founder of Realty411/reWealth Magazine & CashFlow Express; Co-publisher of REI Wealth, and Accredited Investor & California Real Estate Agent. She has personally purchased millions of dollars worth of real estate, in addition to referring business to other realty professionals around the nation. Her...

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Real Estate Funds Business Expansion by Linda Pliagas, Realty411

The following article written by Linda Pliagas was published today in BiggerPockets.com and was specifically written for that website.   Cashflow from rentals is the best thing ever. I’ve been a landlord for 20 years now, and I am still in awe on how powerful a solid real estate portfolio can be. It’s wonderful how rental income can be used to help out during one of life’s many challenges. Your passive income can be used in a variety of ways, and I’ve seen it used for many things: to chip away at existing debt, create a better lifestyle, or even put a kid or two through college. I’ve personally known investors who have done all of the above, but perhaps the most interesting one for me has been when an investor uses his real estate to actually finance their career or business goals. During my stint as a business and personal finance reporter for a variety of magazines, I interviewed a woman for Home Business Journal magazine who used her rental income to start up her public relations firm. She took out a loan on the property, which was owned free and clear and used the proceeds to start her business. The rental income more than paid for the loan and the property still cashflowed! Her goal was to get her business going so she would not need all...

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Carrington Real Estate Services Expands its Coverage in New York, Illinois and Georgia with Three New Offices; Attracts New Leaders for Chicago and Valencia, California Locations

New local leadership will focus on driving continued growth and increasing agent production FEBRUARY 25, 2014 – SANTA ANA, CA – Carrington Real Estate Services, LLC (Carrington), a corporately owned and operated national brokerage, today announced that it has once again expanded its coverage to support real estate consumers across the U.S. In response to growing demand in multiple key markets, the company has added offices in Farmingville, New York, Stockbridge, Georgia and Arlington Heights, Illinois, and has appointed new local leadership in Chicago and Valencia, California. Carrington’s new Farmingville, Stockbridge and Arlington Heights brick and mortar locations offer...

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