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Our Schedule is Hectic… PLUS NEW ISSUE!

  Hello Esteemed Friends; Our national real estate magazine is hosting an RE Expo this May 5th in Atlanta – Cinco de Mayo Expo   We have nearly 150 people registered already, plus we are email marketing to investors, REALTORS/Brokers, local leaders & other VIPs   SEE INFO ON OUR ATLANTA FUN EXPO BELOW:   The new issue is being wrapped up — it is a large issue! A 64 page issue with 2 covers, here is the distribution breakdown. Our goal is to reach the market effectively:     Realty411 – distributed/marketed to REIA and independent clubs and networks nationwide via direct bulk mail distribution   RE Wealth – distributed/marketed in upscale areas to reach accredited investors, such as our outlets at selected Whole Foods markets   Both of our covers are booked until 2015, Thanks to our featured sponsors for their support!   The next events we will be marketing in person, include: SAN FRANCISCO – APRIL 30th @ RealTech SF 2013>>> We are the Exclusive Media Sponsor SAN FRANCISCO – MAY 18 @ Simply Do It Expo: >>> We are the Exclusive Media Sponsor   SALT LAKE CITY UTAH – JUNE 22 @ Realty411’s Expo: In conjunction with Wasatch Area Real Estate Investors Association   Realty411media | ph: 310.994.1962 | fax: 310.499.9545  ...

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LAST DAY to get tickets to RealTech SF 2013!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for RealTech SF 2013, today is your absolute last chance to do so. Ticket sales end at midnight Pacific time tonight.  And as a special last minute sale, we’ll let you in for only $99. Just use the promocode LASTDAY99 when you register, and you can get unlimited tickets for $99 each! Get your $99 tickets now. Brought to you by Reesio, RealTech SF 2013 brings you up to speed on all of the latest real estate technology developments and gives you an in-depth preview at what you can expect to see hit the market over the...

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2 FREE TICKETS to the Wealth Builder Expo!!!

  Dear Realty411 Network Member; I need your shipping address so that I can send you tickets to Jeff’s upcoming 2-day Wealth Builder Expo. YOUR $2,997 TUITION HAS BEEN WAIVED! <= Click to register Why do you get in free? Because it was one of the many spectacular bonuses you earned by investing in one of our programs. Cool, huh? But please note this fact: You will be able to get enough info in 2 days to set you up for the rest of your life! It’s going to be that good. So do me a favor, if you will… go over and register for this now. It would be embarrassing if we gave your seat to someone who offered cash for it. Early registration will stop that from happening. Actually, we would rather see you there, because I already know you’ve made a commitment by investing in the course! So click now, to make sure you get in: <= Click to register To Your Success, Linda Pliagas Realty411 Publisher/Investor P.S. – This is going to be one exciting event. You will actually discover enough in two days to set yourself up for life! COME VISIT WITH ME AT MY VENDOR BOOTH!!! I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE CASHFLOW EXPRESS!!!! Plus, I will be sharing “insider” secrets on my last 3 rehab deals in CA totaling $1.5...

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Join Us on PROPERTY TOURS to See Discounted Properties in Kansas City and Atlanta!

Join Us on Property Tours To Kansas City and Atlanta, Your Travel may be FREE* Attention Savvy Investors: * Travel costs to Kansas City and Atlanta will be reimbursed, up to $800, upon the successful close of escrow. Investors must be registered on the bus tours to qualify. Book Today! For details, see the landing pages below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday, April 21st: KANSAS CITY – REO Property Tour: Up to $500 of travel reimbursement – Expo on April 20th May 3rd to 4th: ATLANTA – Dependable Cash Flow Up to $800 of travel reimbursement- Expo on May 5th Join the Forum discussion on this...

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